Store floor analytics for retailers using iBeacons

What if measuring traffic in a store could be as easily as measuring traffic on a website? Beacon technology might help in making this a reality. We started a design research and prototyping project to see if we could gather data and of the quality of this data would be of a high enough quality.

There are systems like camera’s and wifi/bluetooth tracking, the problem with these systems is that they are either privacy-violating, being blocked by modern smartphones, expensive or not suitable for shops with low ceilings. There is a market for a product with lower costs and a more integrated approach. This is where beacons enter the stage.


The beacons

Product and results
We measured traffic during three days by inviting people to join the research. This resulted in a product that is giving data on a level with enough accuracy and proved beacons provided a low-cost alternative to camera and wifi tracking. This combination of using beacons for analytics also allows integration with an app by creating tools like wayfinding or personalization. And it supports an opt-in approach.

The results of the MVP proved the case. Beacons can be used to create a setup that allows you to run A/B testing in a physical store. It allows you to set conversion goals, etc., using it like you would Google Analytics on your website.




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